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Our Story

Green Madame's shop was founded with love by Alexis Kubota, an "all natural" mommy who has been into clean eating since 2013. Her pregnancy inspired the research she's done on ingredients in cleaning supplies, processed foods, personal care and baby products, medicinals, our drinking water and everything else that one would use day to day. She has since dedicated extensive time into finding and pursuing the best eating habits, learning how to keep the body in optimal health, and an over-all less toxic lifestyle. With this mindset, Alexis decided to share this wonderful, more natural, food conscious journey, starting with The Sea Moss.

Green Madame's shop believes health is wealth, and is something that we all need and deserve. We make it our mission to offer clean sustainable ocean sea moss and non-toxic health products, while reducing our impact on sea and land. 

This amazing sea moss is an essential all natural supplement that will keep your body healthy while building and stabilizing the immune system.  Mineral deficiency is more common than we know, and consuming sea moss on a daily basis would provide most of these minerals. Usually, we would need to eat many different kinds of foods, some including grains, fruits and vegetables, to obtain these minerals. Nowadays, with so many herbicides and pesticides added to organic & GMO crops, and also added additives, fillers and GMO ingredients in processed foods, it has become a saddening struggle. So knowing that with 2 tbs per day we get 90+ organic minerals, is a joy and a relief! Learn about The Sea Moss here.


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